Technological Investment

But technology alone does not develop or is used, it is necessary to plan it, identifying and assessing the opportunities and threats, as design the strategic business plans. Where this is not done, the consequences are often severe. The impact of technology goes beyond business, although some appear to be insensitive to it in terms of markets and products. Companies that have identified the need to analyze your technology environment, has left the identification of a problem formulating some questions such as: What is the company technologies and processes that are involved? a What technologies are critical in the business of the company?

What technologies are available to the business of the company’s external environment? a What will be the evolution of the technologies involved in the company in the future? a What has been the investment in technology products and business processes? a What are the technologies substitute for the company’s business in the future, as will access to them? a What technology investments must do business and how it will transfer and assimilation? The company earlier raised questions that seek specialist advice and offer them services in technology management, in order to develop competitive advantages from this. Add to your understanding with César Hernández. These consultancies ranging from initial diagnosis of the situation of the company in terms of technology, through audits, general or special assessments, or the opinion of the feasibility of a new project based on planning diagnosis is possible : select alternatives and to ensure consistency with overall corporate strategy. These alternatives may require obtaining technology from abroad, and a process of restructuring and modernization, and the company defines the shape of the acquisition, therefore, to know to buy you need to know to evaluate and to take advantage, it is necessary to assimilate and adapt the acquisition. But this process does not end at this stage, the company must keep up, monitoring constant progress in the world in its sector of business, and conducting specific studies to ascertain the state of the art of a given technology. .