Pottery Stadium

Here arriving, he constructed a net of bakeries and he acquired some property in the zone of the Leopoldina. At this time, the Pottery still was a small club that it needed, in the stated period of one year, to construct a proper stadium to come back to 1 division. Alvaro released everything to hug project. Son counted on the aid of Lyra Joo, National chairman of the board of Desportos (CND), that he obtained a loan in the Public saving bank. As soon as the Mouro Stadium was raised Son, also known as Alapo of the Bariri, which had to the dimensions, that favor a great pressure of the twisted one. The stadium was inaugurated in 06.04.1947, in Of the state of Rio de Janeiro the Vasco game 3×4 the inaugural goal was of Friaa, for the Vasco.

Its capacity, that already was of 12 a thousand torcedores, currently is of 5.141 (cf. I register in cadastre National of Stadiums of Soccer, the CBF, 2009), but its record of public was of incredible 18 a thousand, in 30.04.1997, the Flamengo game 3×1 Bangu. When they had been inaugurated, its reflectors were most modern of the River, but until of the Maracan. According to Landmark Antonio Tavares Rabbit, Antonio Mouro Vieira Son was ' ' president of Partido Social Trabalhista (PST), councilman and later state deputy, together with marched the Communists in diverse causes. He was a popular doctor in the suburbs of Leopoldina, sanctioned to the point of the stadium of the soccer club Pottery to have its nome' '. It also was candidate to the Senate, in plate with its coreligionist Tenrio Cavalcanti, the controversial representative who inspired to the film the man of the black layer, of Sergio Rezende. Its name was chosen because, as councilman, it helped to make possible the construction of the stadium.