Nelson Werneck Sodr

(Jose de Alencar, p 14, Cap.II). But sporadical, these parts if evidenced, becoming the center of the attentions and commentaries: … Insensitively, its look went down the fmbria of the roupo. On the velvet cushion and it enters the folhos of the batiste, appeared the pink nails of two pezinhos the holy ghosts. A redness wave was spilled for the semblante of the young woman, whose lips had mumbled a word. (Jose de Alencar pg.96, Cap.XIX).

Already the Naturalismo appeared in way to the destruction it feudalismo, when the bourgeoisie and the people if had joined to finish with the feudal system. This phase if characterizes for the robbing and the violent repression of the popular movements that, according to Nelson Werneck Sodr, go of 1848 to the commune. On account of that he was happening that the writers looked for to create workmanships where they are mere observers, placed to the edge or above of the events: The abandonment of the examination of the deepest reasons, that disclose to the causal connections and human beings limited to the superficial vision to and the daily one of the existence, leads inevitably to the subjetivismo. The naturalists try to deceive this subjetivismo for the use of scientific resources. (Nelson Werneck Sodr CAP. 9, pg.427). The Naturalismo works with the analysis of the Real, scientific, what of more excellent it happens, could be portraied in the workmanship. Being thus, a school that analyzes and shows to the reality without masks and some times repletas of exageros: Running away to appear its accurate dimensions and the social depth of its reasons, the naturalismo decayed inevitably for the bonanza one, the isolated one, the arbitrary one. It is therefore that it finishes for fixing itself in the pathological one in the behaved immoderately types, the drunkard, the criminal, the histrica, in the abnormal person, as if creatures such were in conditions of espelhar the set.