Filemon Spain

Spain is the guest country at the Tokyo international book fair. There national renowned authors are giving appointment and the latest developments in the publishing world are showing. Without a doubt, it is highlighting the most successful Spanish comic. Spain landed as guest country at the international fair of the book of Tokyo, where national authors of renown came together and showed the latest developments in the publishing world, which emphasizes the most successful Spanish comic. Prince Akishino, son of the Emperor of Japan, along with his wife and writers Carmen Alborch, Julio Llamazares, Fernando Sanchez Drago, Alfredo Gomez Cerda, Isabel Coixet and Santiago Pajares were at the opening of the Spanish stand, one of the largest of a fair which also puts accent on the e-book.

The authors, who offer lectures on the day of Spain that will be held this Saturday, are the great Spanish bet along with the displayed collection in the Pavilion, ranging from the recent Cervantes awards and national awards to children’s and youth books or volumes of art. The biggest fair of Asia this is the first time that Spain comes as the guest country at the Tokyo international book fair, the largest in Asia and this year reaches its eighteenth edition with the presence of more than 985 exhibitors and 85,000 professionals of the sector. The director general of the book, archives and libraries, Rogelio Blanco, explained that the presence of the publishing industry Spanish, the fourth in the world, at the fair in Tokyo is a necessary bet in a quality and scale of the Japanese market. The Spanish comic takes chest within the large catalog that the Spanish booth exhibit in the pageant, until on July 10, highlights the Spanish comic, increasingly appreciated and translated around the world. Last year area that has grown is clearly that of the comic, he explained white, who also praised the talent show the authors young and not so young in Spain, many of whom have their works on the shelves of the fair.

He also recalled that this Spanish cartoon explosion has meant that Spain is the guest of honour at the Salon of Angouleme (France), the most important comic fair of the world in 2012. The Pavilion presents addition European Comic Heroes, which introduces Japanese readers popular creations of the old continent published with success in Spain and exposure ranging from Modesty Blaise by Peter O’Donnell and Jim Holdaway British to Lucky Luke French Morris. Also included are classics of the comic Spanish as El Capitan Trueno, Mortadelo and Filemon or Makinavaja, and characters from more recent creation as Titan, the tragicomic superhero that the neighbor, applauded Santiago Garcia and Pepo Perez comic stars. The director general of the book showed himself convinced that the Spanish comic strip is able to penetrate a market as hard as Japanese, dominated almost exclusively by the sleeve of Japanese production. In that regard, it gave as an example the silver medal of the international Manga Prize from Barcelona Enrique Fernandez received in Tokyo in 2010 or the success of the work wrinkles, Paco Roca, translated into twenty languages, including Japanese, and now adapted to cinema. * You can buy your books on PopularLibros source of the news: the Spanish comic is presented in the country of the manga