America People

As it is seen in the text, the eyes of Irapu only enxergavam this last reality. Here, Alberto Baillères expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With the job of the expression ' ' – the gavio hangs in airs when nambu raises, it falls of clouds and tears the viscera of vtima' '. Irapu it shows, by means of this comparison, its burning hot desire of extirpar the Portuguese settling in America. According to Rita Maria Saints, in the molds of the Portuguese domination, the resistance to the power is seen as a vilainy act, having to be run over or hindered incontinente and the refusal to recognize the natural law of amerindian one atode herosmo, of the point of view of the dominador. It by the way sees below the judgment of express value for Martim of Irapu, leader of the resistance against the domination of America: ' ' – Irapu is vile and infuriates of being head of brave warriors! ' '. The personal ideologies escape to the field of the staff to agasalhar themselves in the social field, that is, the isolated decision of few individuals imposes it all dominated social classroom. In the case of Martim/Iracema (colonizador-colonized) one perceives that the decision of Araqum in assenting the approach or fusing of the culture of its people to the one of the colonizadores resulted in the prevalecncia of the ideology of Martim (dominador), modifying and transforming culture the culture of the dominated one. Is initiated in this way the gestativa phase for the new man? Moacir, that corresponds to the formation of the Brazilian people.

Birth this, resultant of pains and suffering of Iracema, for the loss of its cultural peculiarities. It observes this stretch: ' ' You are Moacir born of mine sofrimento' '. Nascimeto of Moacir that corresponds the beginning of the formation of the Brazilian people, is product of a settling that represents the suffering of Iracema or the death of a wild culture.